Pre-trip Inspection

The pre-trip inspection is a requirement for your driver's test and is usually tested before the parking and driving. Learn the following steps.

Inspect and recite the following:


1.      No leaks or obstructions under the car.

2.      Seat belt & door in working order.

3.      Mirror & windshield secure.

4.      Wiperblade un-perished.

5.      Tyre tread & pressure checked, wheel secure

6.      Headlights & bonnet secure.

7.      Water, oil, brake fluid & fanbelt checked.

8.      Left side of car same as previous.

9.      licence disc valid & petrol cap secure.

10.   Back window & tail lights secure / not cracked, boot securely closed.

11.   Back door & tyre same as previous.

Additional tips for pre-trip inspection

  • Remember to speak clearly during your inspection.
  • Start at the driver's side and then walk slowly and counter clockwise around the car. Doing so will make it easier to remember the steps.