A K53 Learners License is needed before you can do the actual K53 Drivers License. The K53 Learners test is a theoretical test which test a person on the rules of the roads. Only once you have a learners license will you be allowed to drive in a vehicle accompanied by a Licensed driver. A person driving a e vehicle with a learners license is not allowed to have any passengers in the vehicle besides the licensed passenger.

We provide one-on-one sessions were we come to you and provide you with the learner test material. In our Learner License classes we prepare the learner for the theory Learners test which will be written at the selected traffic department.

Our services offer one on one classes where we come out to you and work though the learners test material, 3 days prior to your exam. Here we will spend +- 3 hours (depending on the learner) focussing on the road signs, rules of the road and controls of the vehicle.

Learner classes cover all vehicle classes: light, heavy and motorcycles.

Classes are +- 3 hours at a cost of R100.00 per hour.

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