With driving lessons , the K53 Drivers License Test need not be a frightful experience. Our drving lessons will assist and empower you to pass the K53 Drivers License Exam. The K53 Driving License test involves a practical driving test within a yard where you will be tested on your parking and manuvering skills. You need to pass the yard test before being allowed to move onto the road for the rest of the K53 Drivers License test.

At Skill on Wheels Academy of Driving, we offer the following driving license packages and also tailor made courses to suit your individual needs, to ensure our clients have acquired the necessary confidence and skills for being safe on the road.

Lessons include pick up and drop off.

K53 driving lessons per hour: 

R150 per hour -  On your 1ST driving lesson the instructor will assess the learner & explain the procedure of moving the car off and stopping,  and also how to do it safely. Driving off or moving off in a car safely and using the correct technique takes some practice to master & become confident.

*For beginnes we recommend their 1ST driving lesson to be 1hr 30 min.

It's also better to take 2 or 3 driving lessons per week instead of 1. Taking a single lesson per week leaves too much time between lessons, leaving you anxious that you have forgotten everything.

5 hour K53 driving lessons:

5 hours R700.00 (area dependant*)  -  For beginners , and brush – up sessions.  Your follow up sessions will involve covering what you learnt in your first driving lesson, picking up where you left off from the previous lesson and progressing your driving skills and confidence. 

Lessons include pick up and drop off.

10 hour driving lessons:

10 hours R1400 (area dependant*) – For beginners , and brush – up sessions or foreigners wishing familiarise themselves with the roads. In the 10 hours for beginners, you are able to stop and move off safely by use of controls, mirrors and blind spots, manage clutch control , & have control over your vehicle. The instructor will introduce parking & you will learn to operate all the controls and take effective observations.

During the lessons, you will gain an understanding of road signs, road marking and a feel of the test routes. Our instructors train and effectively teach according to how quickly and effectively the learner adapts and masters the K53 skills.

Lessons include pick up and drop off

* Maintaining a safe following distance increases you’re thinking and stopping distance